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Osec is a lightweight integrity checking system. You can use it to see difference between two states of your system. Osec also adds an ability of checking system for the dangerous files, e.g. suid, sgid and world writeable.

If you run osec under root acount, then this program will work under non-privilegy user with only one extra capability 'dac_read_search', so osec cannot
damage any system file on internal errors.

Osec is divided into two parts:

Reporter process will also print results to standart output, so you can continue this pipeline. For example, you can send e-mail with report to system administrator.

If you develop some interesting reporter module or filter you can sent to authors to include it into osec distribution.

Why it's better?

Download latest osec version here.

Osec is written by Stanislav Ievlev

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